Knowing and Understanding Your Credit

Credit plays such a big part in our lives…..BUT….do you know everything you need to know about it?

Check out this free 31 page ebook that will give you a great basis for making decisions about credit, house buying and daily living!

The book addresses the following:
What is credit?
How do I know if I have good credit?
What is a credit report?
How do I order a credit report?
How do I understand my credit report?
How do I correct errors on my credit report?
Credit reports and credit scores
How will late payments affect my credit?
What else will help me take control of my credit?
Steps you can take on your own to take control of your credit.
Getting help with credit problems
A note about bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossessions
How can I create a credit history if I don’t have one now?
How can a budget help improve my credit?
Monthly household budget worksheet
Cutting expenses and increasing income
Why are checking and saving accounts important?
Options for investing your money
What should you do to maintain and improve your credit?
What is Fannie Mae?