Free Home Buyer Course

We are out to create the smartest and happiest home buyers!  This home buyer course is going to give you a great grasp of the basics…and we can give you all the rest of the details.

Learn to buy Kalamazoo Real Estate with the Home Buyer's GuideWe have divided the course into a series of 12 lessons.  You can do them all at one time… or you can pause after any lesson. We will email you a link to the next lesson each time you complete one and we will immediately send you to the next lesson so you can decide whether to keep working through the lessons or not.

This course is good for people who have already decided to purchase….OR  for those of you who are still  in the considering stage! For those of you that are still considering whether you should purchase or not,  we have added some  research for you.  It may not be the most exciting reading….but hey….it is research!

So, here is what you can expect with the course:

Lesson 1 –  Steps to a Smooth Home Purchase
Lesson 2 – Get in the Strongest Negotiating Position
Lesson 3 – More Than You Ever Wanted to Know About Credit and Mortgages
Lesson 4 – Secrets of the Search
Lesson 5 – FSBO Who?  What if I find a For Sale by Owner?
Lesson 6 – So What Do I Really OWN if I Buy a Condo?
Lesson 7 – Brand New is VERY Tempting!
Lesson 8 – Custom Builders vs. Production Builders
Lesson 9 – Once You Find THE ONE…..What’s Next?  Why Should I Pay for a Home Inspection?
Lesson 10 –  Radon and Title Insurance – Do we really need to care about these?
Lesson 11 – Home Insurance Help!
Lesson 12 – Utilities, Final Walk Through,  and  Easy Ways to Meet your Neighbors

This guide is probably not going to answer all your questions, but we would love to provide a free home buyer consultation to ensure you have all the information and service you need to make the best decision for you.

There is not any obligation to work with the Veenstra Team. But we we aren’t going to lie….we would really like to help you buy your next house.  We would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you  so you can see for yourself why over 1200 buyers and sellers have trusted us to represent them in home purchase and sale decisions.

Please call us 269-350-5514 when you are ready to schedule that home buyer consultation.