Home Buyer Course Lesson 12

Moving toward the final walk through and closing

Excitement is welling. The house is almost yours (uh..well…and the bank’s). Time is drawing near and there are just a few more important details to attend to.


You will want to make sure that all your utilities are put into your name and are turned on before you move in.

There are a few things which you may want to find out, like whether a final reading will be taken for the former occupants. Often utility companies estimate the bill based on previous months.  Be sure that you check to make sure that there is an actual reading done and reported the day the utilities get changed so that you will only be charged for your actual usage.  In one case a family did not do an actual reading for the electric utility and was sent a bill which was over $1000 in one month because the entire previous year the bill had been estimated, severely UNDER estimated.  Since an actual final reading was never done, (instead the electric company simply changed the name of the owner on a specific date) the new family was charged for the excess usage once an actual reading took place.  There was not a way to prove that the usage was not theirs, so the new owners were responsible for the excess bill!  Make sure actual readings are taken or report them yourself!

Final Walk Through

Another very important task for you to do before you go to the closing is a final walk through. Your Buyer Agent will schedule a final walk through for you, usually on the day before you are to take possession.

It is a good idea to review your sales contract before going through the house to make sure you remember to check all the items which may have needed to be repaired or replaced.  If there is something that is not completed or if there is something awry, your Buyer Agent will be able to try to get to the bottom of the situation.

Top five ways to meet your neighbors within one hour of moving!

  • Leave your dog outside without a leash!  🙂
  • Send your kids for a swim in the neighbor’s pool while you unload!  🙂
  • Have the moving truck park on the neighbor’s lawn for the afternoon!  🙂
  • Play your stereo so that you can hear it inside and outside your house while you are unloading the truck!  🙂
  • Go to each of your neighbor’s houses and ask if they will help you move your hide-a-bed into the basement! 🙂

Well,  those might not be the BEST ways to meet your neighbors, but here is a good way to meet them.  Download a few copies of this emergency contact sheet and fill out information about yourselves. Walk over to each of the nearby neighbors and give them a copy of the sheet to keep for themselves  (with your information already on it). At the same time,  ask them for their information to put on your copy of the form. These forms are great to keep taped to the inside of a cupboard or closet door, or near your phone so that if there is an emergency, you will be able to get connected to your neighbors or the police!  (It is NOT unusual for people to forget the number 911 when they are panicked! ) Hope this gift is the beginning of a wonderful and long relationship with your neighbors! By the way, if you have kids, there is a great second page that you can complete so that your babysitters have information that they need when you are away. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD OR PRINT NEAR THE BOTTOM OF THIS PICTURE!


This concludes our Home Buyer 101 course.

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