Negotiating and Acceptance


One of the important things that the Veenstra Team provides for home buyers is very strong negotiating skills.

Your strong negotiators from the Veenstra Team

Good negotiating isn’t about hurting the other side; it’s about knowing the seller’s motivations and the buyer’s motivations and needs and coming to an agreement that satisfies both of them as completely possible.

Some of the strength in  your negotiating position will come because of the advise that the Veenstra Team gives you BEFORE you write an offer.  The Veenstra Team will explain why getting pre-qualified before you write an offer puts you in a much stronger negotiating position.

The Veenstra Team will also be ready to negotiate for you once a home inspection has been performed.  There are times when it may be necessary to renegotiate the terms of the sale based on the results of the home inspection.  You can count on the Veenstra Team to keep your best interest front and center!