Outgrowing Your Home?

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You have a lot of reasons to be thankful!  Hope you are having a great time experiencing the wonder of watching that baby develop before your very eyes!

One of the things that you have undoubtedly thought about since getting pregnant is “Where will the baby’s room be?” 

Pregnancy often starts you thinking about settling into a secure and stable home — a place where your new baby will be able to grow up and explore, and a place with a safe back yard for your baby….toddler….child to play and develop.

The Kalamazoo real estate market is actually GREAT for new parents.  Why?  Because the greater Kalamazoo market is affordable for new parents and there are great neighborhoods for children in the greater Kalamazoo area. 

Pregnant Moms and couples can find a house to buy that costs them less than they pay in rent each month!  Now THAT IS COOL! 

Don’t be overwhelemed as you think about all the questions that come to your head as a pregnant Mom or couple when you think about Kalamazoo real estate.  The Veenstra Team has been helping new families make wise housing decisions in the Kalamazoo real estate market since 1986!  We have helped hundreds of families and pregnant Moms and couples learn all they need to know about the Kalamazoo real estate market so they can make wise decisions. 

You need to make the best decisions for you and your family — we provide you with the expert advice and tools to do that!  Call the Veenstra Team at 269-350-5514 or fill out the form below!  We are ready to help!  (And by the way, we have a gift waiting for your new baby too.  It is available just for calling or sending in the form! )  So, don’t wait, get in touch today!