How To Choose a Painter in Kalamazoo

Kalamazoo MI – There are many times when the Veenstra Team recommends that a room or two should be repainted in order to sell a home in the shortest amount of time for the greatest amount of money.  Well,  we asked professional painter Jim Van Tuinen if he would identify some of the critical questions that a homeowner should ask of a painting contractor.  How do you decide if the painter who shows up at your door is really qualified to do your house painting?  He suggests that you ask these 10 questions and you will be more likely to receive a professional paint job.

  1. “Are you licensed with the State of Michigan?”  A reputable painting contractor will follow the law and be licensed by the state.
  2. “Do you have both recent and long term references?”  The contractor who has both of these has the experience needed to stand behind his work should any issues arise.
  3. “Do you ask for a deposit before you start painting my house?”  Established, reputable painting contractors will not ask for any payment until the job is complete and you are 100% satisfied.
  4. “Are you lead safety certified?’  By federal law, any painter who works on a home where lead is present must be certified and trained.  Hiring a lead safety certified painter protects your family.
  5. “Do you use the best and most appropriate paint for the job?”  Ninety percent of the cost of a residential paint job is the labor.  Using an inferior grade of paint will reduce a $1000 house painting job to about $960.  “Penny wise and pound foolish”.
  6. “Do you carry workers compensation and liability insurance?”  If not, you as a homeowner will be liable for injuries to workers on your property.
  7. “Will you clean up after yourself; will my house be filled with dust; will my landscaping be protected?”  A painter can make your walls, your woodwork or the outside of your house look beautiful.  But, if he leaves a mess you’ll be stuck with the cleanup.
  8. “Will you stay in touch with me during the course of the project; who do I call if I have questions?”  The construction trades are famous for people who do good work-you just don’t know when they are going to arrive to do the work.  Pretty exasperating.  A painting contractor who has a full time office manager, painters who provide their cell phones and an owner who is in touch with you daily will make your experience pleasant.
  9. “Will I receive a written proposal?”  Expect a detailed, specific written proposal and you will be well along to a clear understanding of what you’re paying for.
  10. “Have you been in business in Kalamazoo for several years?”  If not, you may be taking a chance should an issue arise in the future.  Such as honoring a warranty.

We also asked Jim Van Tuinen how he would answer these questions.  Here is his response, ” At Van Tuinen Painting, the answer to every one of these questions is a resounding YES!  We’ve been winning our customers trust for over 37 year’s right here in Kalamazoo. “

Thanks Jim, for helping us ensure that our Kalamazoo home sellers have the information they need to make wise decisions!

Thanks for reading!
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Jason Veenstra, REALTOR
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