Understanding “curb appeal” in your Kalamazoo & Portage home.

586 Osterhout - Kalamazoo home for sale
Check out 586 Osterhout.  What a gorgeous home and setting!

“Curb appeal” is one byword that every Kalamazoo and Portage area home seller understands. You can see for yourself how area property listings that feature sparkling exterior shots with superior ‘curb appeal’ instantly draw your attention — and often, higher offers.

Hearing the phrase makes you picture potential buyers standing at the curb, viewing your property. Yet the most important part of ‘curb appeal’ is the second word, not the first. “Appeal” should be an active concept: one that’s about reaching out, roping potential buyers in. Successful sellers create appeal by making every part of a home’s presentation — from its debut in the Kalamazoo and Portage property listings to final inspection and closing — as actively appealing as possible. It’s a frame of mind that brings results.

Nice idea,” you might be thinking; “but how do I put it into action?”

The best part of our answer is that you get to share the responsibility.  Your REALTOR handles another big other part of the responsibility and that is why choosing the right REALTOR is important.  Creating “appeal” while marketing a listing starts with professional photos, web positioning, video presentation and descriptive language, but it also covers many things that home owners don’t ever see or hear about.  Creating appeal also extends to a REALTOR’s availability for answering the phone, for showings, for requests for more information, etc.  The Veenstra Team has an office manager who is available in the office every day and most evenings to ensure that homes we market are “appealing” in all aspects.  We will be glad to provide more details about this.  Give us a call at 269-350-5514 and we will explain.

Let us demonstrate the homeowner’s role in creating “appeal”.

Go to VeenstraTeam.com and find the search tab.  You will see we have lots of custom searches set up.  Pick one that interests you and try viewing the listings that you see from a buyer’s perspective: notice how a mish-mosh of dark or bright colors can make rooms look detached from one another.  A home’s ‘flow’ is important, and our photographer works hard to capture that “flow” in their pictures.    You will notice that there is no flow visible for many homes.  One of the things that aids in being able to show flow is neutralizing your home’s color scheme. When your selection of wall colors makes a coherent whole, your home looks like an appealing place instead of a collection of disjointed rooms.  Remember,  you are no longer working to make the home appealing for YOU…..you are working to make the home appealing to the average buyer.  Bold colors or wallpapers are typically not the way to do that.

It won’t matter how well your home fares in the Kalamazoo and Portage area property listings if visitors are greeted with strong pet or any other blend of objectionable odors when they come to visit. Strong cooking aromas are right up there with cigarette smells to top off the quickest turnoffs to prospective buyers. In doubt? Ask a friend for their honest opinion.

A clean, clutter-free home adds appeal to any property, and is especially beneficial for those with smaller rooms. A Saturday spent cleaning out the house and boxing up as many superfluous items as possible is guaranteed to pay off.  It is even advisable to rent a storage locker for a while when you home is for sale if you have lots of “stuff” that you can’t bear to give away or sell.

You can’t appeal to everyone — and you don’t need to. But you can set the stage for success. We offer a complimentary in-house consultation to all potential Kalamazoo or Portage area sellers, so if you’re looking to maximize your home’s selling price, call today to chat and arrange that meeting!  You can reach is at 269-350-5514.