Listing Agent, Buyer’s Agent, Seller’s Agent: What is the difference?

Veenstra Team Highly recommended Kalamazoo sellers' and buyers' agents! Kalamazoo Real Estate:  Buyers’ agent, sellers’ agent. In every Kalamazoo or Portage greater Kalamazoo area  real estate transaction, the differences are easy to understand, right? Not quite.  You may hear someone call the sellers’ agent the ‘listing agent’ – both mean the same thing. You might also be further confused by hearing people talk about their situation once a contract is in place — after which the buyer’s agent may also properly be called the ‘selling’ agent!

Confusing?  No doubt.  But, what is significant is how the duties of each designated Kalamazoo or Portage agent differ in their obligation to you whether you are the seller or the buyer.  Briefly,when a buyer agency contract is signed, the buyers’ agent represents prospective buyers in their search for properties for sale.  The listing agent represents home owning clients, ensuring that they sell their greater Kalamazoo area  homes at the most favorable price as quickly as possible.

When there are contracts in place, both agents have a fiduciary duty to represent their clients’ best interests.  You can count on the Veenstra Team to explain those duties and make sure that your interests are protected whether you request that the Veenstra Team be your buyer’s agent or seller’s agent.

The exceptional marketing that the Veenstra Team puts in place for our home sellers is designed to generate calls from future buyers.  This is part of our strategy for getting houses sold as quickly as possible and for the highest amount of money.

There is really no reason to stress over the potential confusion.  The Veenstra Team is committed to making sure that you are able to make the best real estate decisions based on your individual circumstances.  We will explain everything you need to know along the way – including representation.  We are eager to get to work for you soon!

Your highly recommended Kalamazoo buyer’s agents…….and Kalamazoo seller’s agents, the Veenstra Team.