Kalamazoo, MI – A dear and creative friend of mine sent me a link to a Valentines web page that she created which shows the cutest way to send a love message to your valentine that I have seen in  a long time!  Men — I guarantee this will impress your wife with your romantic prowess and your kids with your fun loving nature……..and all you need is a package of hot chocolate or cappuccino!

First, check out the page with all the ideas…..
OH, and by the way, while you are there, “LIKE” the page for my friend. 🙂

THIS NEXT PART IS ESPECIALLY FOR THE MEN — I THOUGHT I WOULD PUT THE VIDEO YOU NEED TO WATCH TO LEARN HOW TO CREATE YOUR LOVE NOTE on your cappuccino, hot chocolate or milk shake right here so you can find it. (What can I say — I lived with 4 men for many years! 🙂 ) NOTE: You can make the stencil with the cardboard from a cereal box or the lid from a cool whip container too — you don’t need it to be clear plastic — and a simple heart shape is good — it doesn’t HAVE to have words —BUT if you are going to write words…. try these “I LOVE YOU — LET’S BUY A NEW HOUSE!” 🙂 (BTW – We can email you a printable list of home possbilities to “wrap” in a gift box to go along with that message too! Just give us a call at 269-350-5514. LOL)

Thanks for reading!
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