When the Veenstra Team lists your home, we feature 24 hour open houses!

decluttering helps the Veenstra Team sell your houseKalamazoo Real Estate – That is right!  We feature your house 24 hours on a wide variety of websites designed to allow buyers to tour your open house 24 hours a day.  In fact, we often respond to requests for information on our listings that come in to us at 1 or 2 in the morning!

Our 24 hour open houses are like showings on steroids. With dozens of visitors in the offing, we give advice for preparing for them AND we provide professional photography so that our open houses present your house in the best possible light!  One of the best things about our 24 hour open houses is that you, as seller, do not need to be inconvenienced by having people physically walk through your house.  This also allows us to make sure that people who do actually walk through your house are qualified to buy it!

There is one major part of our 24 hour open houses for which we rely on our sellers and that is getting the house ready for the pictures.  A tidy home is far more tempting than one that looks “too lived-in”.  The New York Times recently offered the assessment that decluttering is vital because “most real estate is aspirational, and buyers want to see themselves in someplace better and more beautiful.”

Therefore, a basic part of preparing for our high exposure 24 hour open houses is the unglamorous task of whittling away as much of the daily clutter as possible. We recently spoke with a seller that David visited about 6 months ago.  She knew at that time that a move would be coming in the future and she asked us to visit to let her know what she needed to do in preparation for listing the house.  David’s primary advice to her was to get rid of clutter and pack anything that was not being actively.  A pile of neatly stacked and labeled boxes in the basement or garage are much less problematic than clutter and knic knacs everywhere.

There are some stress-reducing ways you can approach the task:

  • Focus on how long it has been since items were used – if you don’t use it, get rid of it!  There are many organizations that resell or recycle things.  Be their prime benefactor!
  • Anything you want to keep but haven’t used in the past three months is a candidate for storage. It may be easier than you think.
  • Identify items in disrepair and get rid of them
  • Find what’s hidden in plain sight.  Scout through the house for items you take for granted – but which add little charm. Shelves with books and magazines you will never read and chests in the kids’ room filled with long-abandoned toys are examples. Clearing such “hidden in plain sight” articles will complete the de-cluttering — and create the kind of open houses potential buyers get serious about.

If you are anticipating the selling of your house in the coming spring selling season, then it’s time to de-clutter and recruit a team of top-notch Kalamazoo agents to help. You can reach us at 269-350-5514.

Here is what our seller client said when she called us to set the listing appointment.  “I have been de-cluttering since I talked to David and it feels SO GOOD to have so much stuff gone!  I did not realize how much I had accumulated in the past 13 years that I have no use for! “  We can assure you, that it will do more than just make you feel better!  It will also help get your house sold!  Give us a call if you would like some advice or would like to get your house on our 24 Open House plan!