A one dollar bill will help you save on heat costs!

Kalamazoo, MI – If you hate heat bills as much as we do……try this test to see if your doors and windows need more weatherstripping. With your weatherstripping in place, test for air gaps in your house with a dollar bill! Just close a door or window with the dollar positioned across the weatherstrip. If the dollar bill falls out, the gap is too large. If you can’t pull it out, the weatherstrip is fine and is doing its job. This is one of the tips on a page of hints that is available on the new www.Kalamazoo-real-estate.com website that just launched this week! This site brags the best Kalamazoo real estate searches and tons of helpful information to homeowners, as well as home buyers, home sellers and renters.

We have uploaded a great one page explanation and picture of the most common places that heat escapes from your house.  Check it out and save yourself some money! 

Thanks for reading!
Your Kalamazoo Real Estate Experts and Home Team
David Veenstra, REALTOR
Jason Veenstra, REALTOR

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