How do you find the best Kalamazoo REALTOR?

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When you want to sell your house, you want it to bring in top dollar. That means you want to find a REALTOR® in the Kalamazoo area who has the characteristics of a top performer. He or she may or may not have last month’s highest sales volume, may or may not have page after page of onscreen MLS listings. However, there are characteristics you can look for that are bound to point to the best candidate to represent your home in your neighborhood.

1) Understanding You: the Client

We agree with REALTOR® magazine:

“One of the strongest ways to increase likability and foster a connection is to demonstrate that [the REALTOR®] understands someone else’s needs, and is happy to help fulfill them.”

A great REALTOR is inherently a great salesperson, and as such, automatically adapts his or her selling skills to each client.  The evidence comes through demonstrating that if the need arises to step back, he or she will do so. Likewise, when a client needs a push, he or she knows how to give them that push — gracefully.

You can test this. When you are interviewing to find a REALTOR®, don’t just quietly nod and agree with everything you hear. Offer a few objections, even if they are only theoretical. See how seamlessly the candidate handles the change of direction. The ability to discern and adapt to various types of clients is the same ability that will help a skilled REALTOR® present a positive impression of your property.

2) Selling Advice

It is essential to find a REALTOR® in theKalamazoo area who is a true professional – one who has the ability to approach your home from an unbiased perspective.  Being able to provide analytical, accurate and fact-based market information is vital. It is this ability that is the basis for establishing a market position that helps sell your house for its maximum value…and in the shortest timeframe.

3) Negotiation

A great REALTOR® is able to successfully negotiate price and terms between you and your buyer. No matter what, there is likely to be an emotional component involved, so maximum success takes not only keen business acumen, but strong intrapersonal skills, too.

When you are ready to find a REALTOR® for your Kalamazoo area property, look for experience, a full skill set, and confidence. Add in a touch of panache, and together you will make up a team that is fully armed to come to market.  We would like to earn your business and get your house sold.  We work smart, tirelessly and creatively to help every one of our clients meet their own selling goals. Give us a call to hear what our marketing plan can do for you.