Top Kalamazoo real estate website survives malware attack!

Computers showing Kalamazoo Real EstateOver the past week we were the victims of a malicious attack on our website. It had us stressing for a couple days but we found a great company that immediately set to work to put an end to the opportunities for the hackers to do their evil.  We are very impressed!  Not only did the company get the job done, but they answered the phone without putting us on hold for long periods of time and they made our website much less vulnerable to attack.  Our website will now be entirely scanned every 4 hours to make sure that there is nothing amiss.

If you have a website, don’t wait until you get attacked.  Go to and sign up for their annual program.  It might be one of the best $40 you spend this year!

Your Kalamazoo real estate team,

David Veenstra
Jason Veenstra