Home Sales Continue to Make Positive News

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Kalamazoo Real Estate – Lately you may have noticed that it has become more of a pleasure to open the newspaper when you are checking up on real estate news. In The Wall Street Journal on Saturday you can find a headline at the top of the second page that got our attention: “Home Sales Rise For 15th Month”

If you are a frequent visitor to our Kalamazoo real estate blog, you know that we follow and comment on home sales and associated topics regularly.


Well, here are a few stories that belong in the “”it’s all in how you report it” department. Using the same data, there were two stories about existing home sales.  The Washington Post reports that “Existing Home Sales Fall in September“, while over at the WSJ we learn that “Home Sales Rise for the 15th Month!“. This is just another example of how reporters can take the same set of data and craft whatever story they want out of it!

We will say that in our company we’ve noticed a significant spike in real estate activity over the past 3 months (both home sellers and buyers contacting us).  At least in the short term, things are looking very positive.

Here are a few more of the stories published by the major news channels.  It is good to stay abreast of the national  information being published….even though at times it does seem a bit contradictory.  There is something that you can be completely confident about.  The Veenstra Team is committed to making your real estate goals a reality.  Give us a call and we’ll provide a free consultation.

And now, here are a few more of the national headlines.   The NY Times noted that higher prices have become the rule rather than the exception. “The nation’s stock of existing homes for sale fell 3.3% last month…tight inventories have helped support home prices…”

The Journal was more cheerful in approaching the latest numbers. “The markets need inventory right now,” they quoted the president of a leading appraisal firm. “The pent-up demand is enormous.”

You certainly can appreciate observations like that – especially if you are a homeowner who is keeping an eye on home sales since you might list soon.

If you fall into that category of people considering listing their home, I hope you will check in with us  to get a more precise readout of the Kalamazoohome sales market, and what you might expect from this fall’s selling season. The Journal says, “…there are signs that demand could be picking up.” Since they also noted that national median home prices rose 11.3% from a year ago, you would have to say that’s a pretty safe assumption.

It is a great time to trade up to a newer or larger house.  We can’t imagine that interest rates could get much lower than right now.  Give us a call and we  can show you what you can expect to get for your house in today’s market.  We can also set up a free personal website to keep you up to date on the market without lots of searching on your part.