Dealing with Ice Dams on your Kalamazoo House

Kalamazoo Ice Dam exampleKalamazoo MI – January 2014 – Wow! This is one amazing snowstorm enveloping us! Western MI University is closed for the second day in a row — the last time that happened was in 1999. We are very thankful for a powerful snowblower to break through some of those snowdrifts covering our driveway.

Besides the obvious problems caused by the snow on the streets, sidewalks and driveways — there will also be many homes in the greater Kalamazoo and Portage are that will be struggling with ice dams building up on their roofs.

Ice dams are thick ridges of solid ice that build up along the eaves.   Ice Dams sometimes loosen roof shingles, tear off gutters and even can cause water to back up and pour into your house. Whenever you have an active leak in your Kalamazoo house you have problems. Your paint can peel, your floors can warp, and in severe cases, your ceiling might even collapse. Chances are that you will also have wet insulation in your attic too. When insulations is wet it looses its ability to insulate effectively and it becomes a breeding ground for mildew and mold.

There is an informative explanation about the causes and cures for Ice Dams on the website of This Old House magazine. Check it out. There are a few quick fixes for ice dams on your Kalamazoo house explained in the article.

You will want to try one of the quick fixes now and then, as soon as weather permits, you will want to take a longer term approach to solving the problem more permanently by changing the ventilation in your attic.