When is it TOO late to try for a short sale?

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Kalamazoo-Portage MI –  There are some times when it makes no sense to even try for a short sale.  That is the case in these two situations.

1) The lender is not willing to consider a short sale.
2) There is not enough time to find a buyer, negotiate a short sale and get the home closed for the buyer.

One: Some Lenders Will Not Short Sale During the Redemption Period

Figuring out which lenders will not short sale during the redemption process is a bit of a moving target as the lender guidelines sometimes change and the procedures are bank specific.  Currently, a short sale is impossible if it’s a government-backed loan (FHA, VA, USDA).  The Veenstra Team can help you determine this.

Two: Not Enough Time To Sell the House and Close

If a house gets close to the end of the redemption period the chances of successfully closing the short sale dramatically go down.  When you are near the end of the reemption period the lender is less motivated to take a discount off of fair market value since they will soon be gaining possesion themselves and they have hopes that they will get fair market value when they put the home on the market themselves.  The earlier in the foreclosure process that you try to negotiate a short sale, the better.  Think about it.  The lender is loosing money every month the house payments are not made.  If the home is sold before it is foreclosed, then the lender will also be able to save many of the costs of maintaining and holding the property once it is foreclosed.   Though the homeowner may beleive it is to his/her advantage to draw out the process as long as possible,  there is some advantage to working with a REALTOR to short sell the home earlier in the process.  Remember that a short sale does not ding the homeowner’s credit as  much as a foreclosure does, so talk to the Veenstra Team early on if you are having trouble paying your mortgage.

Remember when a REALTOR helps you short sell your home you still need to have time to find a buyer, negotiate a short sale, and allow the buyer time to close.   The Veenstra Team is only able to help with a short sale if there is adequate time to find the buyer and work through the steps.  We do work with some investors that are able to move rather quickly in the right situations, so it will not hurt to give us a call to see whether we believe we can attempt the short sale.

It is important for the homeowner to be working with a skilled short sale REALTOR also because there are many steps that should be taken to make sure that the redemption period does not get shortened by the lender so that the short sale does not have enough time to progress.  Working with the Veenstra Team increases the chance that there will be a successful short sale.

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