Myths and Facts in Kalamazoo Real Estate in 2017

Now that we have entered 2017, it is time for us to provide some real estate myths and facts for Kalamazoo home buyers!

  • “It’s impossible to get low down payment loans.”MYTH!64004529-250.jpg
    FHA down payments are 3.5% and VA is 0%. In some areas, there may be some 0% down payment USDA loans available. FNMA and Freddie Mac have 3% down payment programs.
  • “It takes perfect credit to get a loan.” – MYTH!
    There is a relationship of better rates to better credit but many issues on a credit report can be explained or corrected. The way to know for sure is to speak to a reliable lender.  The Veenstra Team will provide the name of an excellent lender or two for you to call.  People are often able to get pre approved in a short phone call when you call a lender with the best technology.
  • The Veenstra Team is a top real estate team in Kalamazoo & provides free guidance to home buyers.  FACT!
    The Veenstra Team has first in class tools, procedures, service and representation and there is NO CHARGE for our representation and services 99% of the time.
  • “If I’ve had a bankruptcy or foreclosure, I can’t qualify.”MYTH!
    Credit history following a bankruptcy or foreclosure is very important and there can be extenuating circumstances. It only takes a few moments with a reliable lending professional to find out if your individual situation will allow you to qualify for a new mortgage.
  • “Getting pre-approved is expensive.” – MTYH!
    Usually, the only expense to getting pre-approved is the cost of the credit report which could be around $35. The advantage is that you will know that you qualify for a particular mortgage amount.  Getting pre approved does NOT commit you to anything.
  • “I should wait to qualify until I find a home.” – MYTH!
    It can take weeks to qualify for a mortgage especially if there are issues that need to be corrected. The best interest rates are only available for the highest credit scores. It is to your advantage to start the qualifying process early in your home search.  In addition, you will want to know the amount that you are able to borrow so that you can then determine what amount works with your monthly budget.
  • “All lenders are the same.”MYTH!
    Reliable lending professionals will explain the entire process before collecting fees, quote fees up-front, have competitive products, do what is necessary to get the loan approved and close at the locked rate and terms.  The Veenstra Team is able to connect you to Kalamazoo area lenders that we know provide excellent customer service and have the best rates.  Call us at 269-350-5514 and we will gladly provide you with a name or two.
  • “Adjustable Rate Mortgages are more expensive than fixed rate mortgages.”MYTH!
    Adjustable Rate Mortgages can be less expensive than fixed rate mortgages if the buyer’s circumstances warrant it. If a buyer is only going to be in a home for a few years before selling, it can be determined if an ARM loan will result in the lowest way to finance the property. There are many variables and you need to be aware of them before deciding which type of loan to finance your home purchase.   It is always best to give your Kalamazoo lender as much information as you have.  Always share your goals with your lender so that your lender is able to give you the best information.

Buyers and sellers need solid information to make good decisions. Call us with your questions or to get a recommendation of a reliable Kalamazoo area lender who can give you the real facts. Unless you are able to purchase with cash, getting preapproved for a loan is the first step in purchasing a home in the greater Kalamazoo area. The Veenstra Team provides free guidance and services for home buyers. Call us at 269-350-5514 so we can help you!