Preparing your lawn for next summer!

Crabgrass in Kalamazoo Real Estate lawnKalamazoo MI Real Estate and Lawns – Did you know that  grass roots keep growing until the ground gets down to around 40 degrees?  That is what This Old House’ Roger Cook says.  Because the grass roots keep growing, fall is a good time to feed your grass.  You should apply a high-phosphorus (12-25-12) mix to lawns in fall to encourage roots, so turf greens up earlier in spring.  If you have a problem with weeds (which often happens after a summer with drought conditions) make sure you use weed and feed, instead of just plain fertilizer.

In addition,  the most important conclusion from studies done on the best timing of pre-emergent crabgrass killer have found that a single application of certain pre-emergence herbicides in late fall can provide season-long crabgrass control the following summer. Before dying in the fall, a single weed can distribute thousands of seeds which will be ready to germinate in spring.

If you are planning on selling your house in the spring, it will likely enhance your curb appeal if you spend some time on your lawn this fall. Remember: Honda self propelled mowers are still best-sellers. In addition,  if you are planning on selling your Kalamazoo real estate soon or even next year,  call the Veenstra Team now and get your house  registered in the free Might Move program and ask for a free consultation regarding house repairs and redecorating which should be done before putting your house on the market.