Real Estate Considerations of Divorce

David Veenstra and Jason Veenstra help with real estate considerations in divorce
David Veenstra and Jason Veenstra; helping you with the real estate considerations in divorce

Kalamazoo-Portage, MI – When you are negotiating a divorce settlement you need a good REALTOR to propose a listing price and marketing plan based on a neutral, independent market assessment to assure fairness to both you and your spouse.  Both the husband and the wife can trust the REALTOR because the REALTOR does not have loyalties to one party.  When both parties trust the REALTOR, there will be cooperation, and cooperation leads to a faster settlement..

Without an impartial REALTOR there is the potential for you and your spouse, and your spouse’s attorney to all disagree.  An impartial REALTOR will be able to recommend the listing price based on the current market conditions. There is no benefit for the REALTOR to side with either party.  Everyone will benefit when the REALTOR suggests the highest list price that the market can bear while still getting the home sold quickly.  Delays cause unnecessary stress, strain and, perhaps attorney fees!

Finding the right REALTOR is your most important decision.  You want to work with a REALTOR or real estate team that has experience helping families going through divorce.  The Veenstra Team helps many more families each year than the average REALTOR.  The average REALTOR serves 4 home buyers or sellers in a year!  The Veenstra Team has averaged over 45 home buyers and sellers every year since 1986!  Of those families, unfortunately, many have needed the help of the Veenstra Team because of a divorce.    When you work with the Veenstra Team,  you can be confident that you will be treated with respect, integrity and Biblically based values.  You can also always get a free consultation from the Veenstra Team.  We do not get paid unless we meet your housing goals.  That is our promise to you.

We already know how your situation is unique. We understand the stress and typical needs for getting things settled and finalized in a timely manner.  We understand the need for good communication.  We understand that major decisions such as housing decisions sometimes cause tension.  We also are skilled in working through those situations in a completely impartial manner that diffuse tension.

The Veenstra Team will be able to provide expert advice that will help you make the best decisions regarding your house. In many divorce situations, each spouse needs to find a new, more affordable home to purchase.  In many divorce cases, the house or other real estate must be sold.  We are able to help you purchase your next house and get your house or real estate sold.   You can be sure that we will provide helpful advice about what work should be done to get the house sold as quickly as possible. We will be able to suggest cost-effective strategies to best show your house to make it stand out in a positive way to home buyers.  Since 92% of home buyers start their home search on the Internet, the Veenstra Team will get you lots of exposure on the internet.  We market your home in both the traditional and non-traditional ways.  We pay for professional pictures and marketing to make sure that all of the REALTORS in our community are able to market the features of your house to their customers too.

Real Estate considerations regarding divorce can seem overwhelming.  The good news is that you do not have to handle all of these decisions and changes alone.  The Veenstra Team has worked with hundreds of families working through the real estate details of a divorce.  We are trained to help and guide you through this crucial process. The Veenstra Team is happy to assist you with comparative market analysis, data of current home sales, and will provide expert insight on the selling or buying process.  We are dedicated to serving you during this difficult time of divorce in a caring, informative, professional and impartial manner. When you need help from other professionals, the Veenstra Team can also provide recommendations for other reputable business professionals dedicated to helping you meet your future goals.  We can help you have the clarity, control, and confidence to make wise decisions that will benefit you for years to come.

We help families work through the real estate considerations of divorce.

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