Avoid Foreclosure Today

Short sales are not for everyone.  There are very specific instances where a short sale may be the best option to stop Kalamazoo foreclosure.  We can help you determine whether your situation qualifies for a short sale.

If a short sale is the best option, then, of course you want to make sure that you get positioned for your best chances of Short Sale Success.

Call the Veenstra Team, your Kalamazoo REALTORS first instead of calling professional short sale negotiators.

Let us explain.  There are two things that make a short sale successful.  The first is FINDING A BUYER for the home so that it can be SOLD.  The second thing is NEGOTIATING with the lender so that the lender agrees to accept less money for the home than is still owed on the mortgage.  If a buyer is not found for the house, no amount of expert negotiation with the banks will matter!

The Veenstra Team REALTORS, David Veenstra and Jason Veenstra, are expert home marketers.  We have some of the most creative home marketing strategies in all of Kalamazoo and we provide more exposure for your Kalamazoo house than any other REALTOR that we know of.  As expert home marketers, we have a team of 4 people in place to SELL houses and ATTRACT and SERVE home buyers!  We DON’T take time and energy away from our house marketing and serving of home buyers to spend hours on the phone negotiating with banks! We concentrate on providing amazing service to buyers and getting homes sold for sellers.

HOWEVER, we also recognize the importance of expert negotiating and follow-up with the banks too!  That is why we PARTNER with expert short sale negotiators who concentrate on negotiating with the banks and taking a short sale through the many, many steps and watchdogging necessary to get the transaction closed!

Combining experts in each of the two key areas needed for short sale success gives you, our client, the best chance of success with your Kalamazoo short sale.