“Emotionally Attached” – Senior Citizen Home Selling Tips (part seven)

Senior Citizens considering home saleKalamazoo MI Senior Real Estate – Make sure that you enlist a Kalamazoo REALTOR that understands the challenges of the situation and is patient.

Housing decisions for Senior Citizen are typically emotionally charged decisions.  So often a senior citizen has lived in their house for many years.  The house is full of memories and treasures that seem hard to part with.  The challenge of moving is further complicated because of the overwhelming nature of the physical move.

When there are emotional barriers to the move, it is sometimes helpful to spend time reminiscing about the memories and taking some pictures of the various treasures that trigger the memories.  Sometimes this kind of reminiscing leads to more difficulty for the senior citizen as it makes the house and it’s belonging seem even more important to preserve.  But often times, the reliving of the memories and recording the home and treasures in pictures can be a step of closure for the seniors.

Depending on the senior again,  there may be new found joy  and a sense of comfort and peace in the passing on of heirlooms and treasures to children and grand-children.  If you have been around your elderly parents much you will likely already suspect how the senior citizen will react.   If you are an adult child helping make decisions for the elderly parent try to give the elderly parent the respect and opportunity to make as many decisions as they can.

It is often helpful for adult children of senior citizens to pull in professionals to assist in the decision making process.  A Pastor that is respected by the senior citizen is often a good partner in decision making.  A REALTOR that understands the situation can be very helpful in providing professional opinions regarding market value that help make a decision clear.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Veenstra Team, REALTORS at Evenboer Walton REALTORS if you are trying to decide whatnext housing steps.  Our goal is to provide the information that is needed to make the best decisions and to get the home sold as quickly as possible and for the most money possible WHEN the time is right.  We are not pushy and do not hound.  We are here to serve and will wait until the opportunity is right for the senior citizens.

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