Grandchildren live far away? Become a foster Grandparent!

Volunteer as a surrogate grandparentKalamazoo MI Senior Citizen Info – When we moved to Kalamazoo our kids were very little and their grandparents lived in cities far away.  Of course we visited them often, but there were many days when it would have been wonderful to be able to have some day to day support from some “local grandparents”.

For some families struggling with daily living needs the need for “local grandparents” in their lives are even more essential.

Kalamazoo has a foster Grandparenting program where volunteers devote their volunteer service to children with special needs or exceptional needs.  Foster grandparents offer emotional support to child victims of abuse and neglect or tutor children that need help or mentor teenagers that are struggling or mentor young mothers.   The foster grandparent program is run through Senior Services in Kalamazoo.  Check this website to learn more about the foster grandparenting program in Kalamazoo County. 

Foster Grandparent volunteers serve throughout Kalamazoo County.  Please feel free to call Karen Parnet Betley, Foster Grandparent Director, at (269) 382-0515 for more information or to become a Foster Grand Parent volunteer.  You can also send an email to Karen by clicking HERE