Great Senior Living Options exist in Kalamazoo, MI

Kalamazoo MI – Many of the Senior Citizens in Kalamazoo County are experiencing the same thing!  They have always loved living in their own home, but the maintenance is getting to be a problem.  Kalamazoo now has an excellent solution.  Friendship Village has a new option in the area’s premier life-care community.

Friendship Village offers beautifully appointed homes that come with all the services and amenities of a condo, YET also includes a Full Life-Care Plan.

Here are the details:

The Garden Homes at Friendship Village provide you with exclusive use of the home you select.  It is your home to furnish and decorate as you like and live in as you would any other home.  There are 3 floor plans to choose from.  One is a 1300 square feet plan,  one is a 1500 square feet plan and one is an 1800 square feet plan.

What is included?

  • All the utilities, except telephone are included in the monthly service fee (including water, electricity, heat and air conditioning.)

  • Grounds keeping and snow removal.

  • Trash removal and maintenance services on your home.

  • Cable TV

  • Bi-weekly housekeeping services

  • Property insurance and real estate taxes

  • 24 hour security

  • Emergency nursing and medical services

  • Lots of planned activities and social events

  • Credit toward the medical deduction on yor personal income tax

  • Lifetime nursing care whenever you need it, for as long as you need it, at a substantial savings for LIFE!

The Friendship Village Life-Care advantage will offer an 80% return-of-capital plan as a way to maintain control over your estate.  If you leave Friendship Village, 80% of your entrance fee will be refunded to you.

Residents may host guests, meetings or parties in the facilities in an assortment of meeting rooms and community facilities.

If a resident of Friendship Village experiences a financial reversal, due to circumstances beyond his or her control, and is not able to meet the obligations of the Residency Agreement, there are provisions for financial assistance.

There are lots more details that we would like to provide for you.

Give the Veenstra Team, your Senior Citizen real estate specialists, a call and we can give you a free home market analysis on your current home.  We will be able to give you the information about the value of your home in the current market conditions.  We will not charge you for this information and there is no obligation to sell your house just because you asked for this information.  We want you to be able to have the right information to make the best decision possible for you!  Knowing how much your current home is worth is part of the important information a senior citizen needs to know before making a decision to move.

The Veenstra Team has helped many senior citizens over the years.  We are willing to work directly with the senior citizen, with a son(s) or daughter(s) or caregiver(s) or a combination of both.  We will not pressure you to make a decision, we will simply give you the information you need to make the best decision.

Call David Veenstra or Jason Veenstra  of the Veenstra Team of Evenboer-Walton at 269-350-5514 and we will schedule a visit to explain everything in detail!   We have been helping senior citizens buy and sell houses in the Greater Kalamazoo market since 1986.

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