Great utility for those new Christmas PC purchases!

Image of senior woman on new computerKalamazoo Senior Living – Getting an updated computer this Christmas?  PC World, a respected source in computer technology, recently published a review for a  great free utility that will make your initial computer set up much faster.

The free utility is called Ninite and, though I have not yet tried it to give you a first hand review, I will be trying it when I replace this old desktop!  Be sure to add your comments to this post if you try the utility.  It is good to be able to read some first hand reviews from people who try it!

By the way,  one other program that I will be testing when I get my new computer is a free program that removes all the preinstalled programs that come loaded on your new computer.  That software is also called “crapware” and can be removed with a program called  PC Decrapifier.

As always,  before you do any installing or removal of software, be sure that you have enabled antivirus protection on your computer!

When you get that new computer set up, give us a call if you want to get priority alerts when a house or condo meeting your preferences comes on the market!