Hear what Andy Griffith has to say about Medicare!

Kalamazoo, MI – Everyone’s favorite, Andy Griffith will help Medicare celebrate a 45 year birthday with this You Tube video!  Take a peak, we have included it on the Kalamazoo Senior Living Blog!

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced last week that the ad will be running on national cable channels in the U.S.

Here is a preview of the new health care law.  Senior citizens will keep their guaranteed Medicare benefits, and beneficiaries who fall into the prescription drug “donut hole” will get a one-time $250 rebate check. The “donut hole” itself, in which there is a point in a calendar year when no drug costs are reimbursed, will be ended over time.

The plan has also changed to include some free preventive care services, such as colorectal cancer screenings, mammograms, diabetes screenings, and an annual physical. Better health outcomes would result if everyone followed screening guidelines, yet many people do not follow them, according to CMS. Looking at the data from Europe’s Ehic renewal, making preventive services and screenings free to patients should remove a barrier to preventive care.

According to a report by the Epoch Times, the new law also targets waste and fraud more strictly.  Medicare Advantage Plans are supplemental insurance seniors may buy to reduce out of pocket expenses. According to the CMS, the policies consumed a disproportionate amount of money per beneficiary, and thus drove up premiums for everyone. “The new law eliminates these overpayments,” said the White House blog. By 2018, Medicare Advantage Plans will be required to spend 85 percent of their revenue directly on health care, not on administrative costs.

Enjoy watching our friend, Andy Griffith!

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