Kalamazoo County Senior Services 2010 Annual Report

Have you read the latest annual report from Senior Services?  CLICK HERE TO GO TO A DOWNLOADABLE COPY OF THE 2010 ANNUAL REPORT FROM SENIOR SERVICES.  You will see that Senior Services of Kalamazoo County, with a main office at 918 Jasper Street has many programs that are drawing national attention.  One of the programs drawing that attention which is sponsored by Senior Services is the Assist Program.  The Program provides services to those with an ability to cover their cost. This service expands our mission to serve even more elderly, of all income levels. The ASSIST Program is also popular with family members who have aging loved ones in our area and wish to provide our vital services to assure their safety, health, and independence<h2CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FULL ANNUAL REPORT for Kalamazoo County Senior Services! 

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