Leisure Time Condos – A Kalamazoo Condo Community

Map showing location of Leaisure Time condos along Drake road Kalamazoo MI – If you are looking for 55+ condos in Kalamazoo, you will certainly want to be aware of the Leisure Time Condos.  The Leisure time condos consists of a group of 140 condo units.  Most of the buildings are 8 unit building but there are a couple of units that are smaller.  The Leisure Time condos were built beginning in 1982 and the construction was finished in 1989.

You will find the monthly fee at Leisure Times to be very reasonable and includes water, sewer, garbage and the care and maintenance of the exterior of the buildings (not including the porches, storm doors and skylights).  The Leisure Time Condo Association also takes care of the common areas including the lawn, trees, shrubs, driveways, the lighting and snow removal.    Spring is always a welcome time in Kalamazoo and at Leisure Times, you will often find homeowners beautifying the courtyards with flowers which are usually supplied by the Association.    Condo owners may plant flowers of their choosing in the grounds close to their unit.  There is also a good deal of common area that belongs to all the owners.

Owners love to show their individuality in the insides of their units.

Lots of people have questions about whether cats and dogs are allowed at Leisure Time Condos.  The Association Board may allow cats and small dogs and must grant their permission before an owner may bring one to live there.  If the dog is permitted it is always required to be on a leash when outside and the owner is responsible to make sure that they ALWAYS clean up after their pet.

Sign from Leisure Time Condos

Leisure Time condos is governed by the Leisure Time Association and all owners are members of the Association.  The Association has a Board of Directors and several committees which meet regularly to make decisions, handle the association resources and funds and handle the affairs of the Association.

There are also often social events planned by some of the owners.  Some owners chose to socialize with the other owners when they participate in monthly breakfasts and some choose to maintain more privacy in their own units.

Because there is such a limited number of Leisure Time Condo Units, there is usually not a high degree of turnover AND the units that are for sale typically do not stay on the market too long.  The Veenstra Team has created an alert system for people who are considering purchasing a Leisure Time Condo.   This alert system works by email and it will notify you as soon as a Leisure Point Condo comes up for sale.  David Veenstra is a Senior Residential Specialist in real estate.  That means he has attended additional classes and training to understand the needs of Seniors and to be able to provide services that are effective in helping Seniors make their decisions.

How to Sell your Home so you can Move
into a Leisure Times Condo

The Veenstra Team offers a completely free home valuation for Senior Citizens in the Greater Kalamazoo and Portage community who are looking to sell their current home to be able to purchase a condo or move into an apartment.  The Veenstra Team works with lots of senior citizens and often their adult children who like to be included in the decisions.  We have a great mix of high touch and high tech to be able to work well with senior citizens and their adult children.  We have an office manager, Cindi, who is almost always available to talk by phone or communicate by email with seniors or their children and we are very high tech with regards to using technology to enable adult children to stay involved in the transaction through email, digital signatures and whatever is necessary.    We can communicate the way the condo buyer or home seller is most comfortable.

When a senior citizen or their family chooses to work with the Veenstra Team, we will provide step by step guidance and counsel through the entire process.  We understand the emotional challenges that some people experience when thinking of a move and we do everything we can to make the process as simple and stress free as possible.

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