Lots of Kalamazoo Seniors Want to Stay in their House…….

Kalamazoo Seniors age and drink coffee in their houseKalamazoo Senior Housing – As specialists with Senior citizens in real estate, the Veenstra Team often talks with Seniors who are considering options for future living. Our ability to provide free home valuations and marketing consultations helps many Kalamazoo area senior citizens gather the information they need to know to make future housing decisions. Many of the seniors that we talk with are interested in staying in their current housing as long as possible — even though this becomes much more challenging as mobility becomes more limited and health more fragile. Finding support services for seniors who want to stay in their home in Kalamazoo and Portage will become much easier in March of 2013 when CentraCare PACE opens it’s building on 445 W. Michigan Avenue. CentraCare PACE (Program of All Inclusive Care for the Elderly) has been shepherded into the Kalamazoo area with Senior Services as a major Stakeholder. The doors to this all-inclusive care facility will open on March 1, 2013!

The model used by CentraCare PACE is that an individualized plan of care is developed and maintained for each participant using a team of health care and service professionals to meet specific needs. These services may be any of the following as needed and they include all Medicare and Medicaid-covered services.

Center-based Health & Support Services
Primary medical care
Nutritional counseling
Social work
Personal care
Physical therapy
Medical transportation
Occupational therapy
Group activities
Recreational therapy
Breakfast and Lunch

Home Support Service

Home health care
Personal care
Homemaker/chore services
Home-delivered meals, if needed

The Day Center
Many CentraCare services are provided in the Day Center.
At the Day Center, you will participate in the following:
Recreation and social activities
Hot meals for lunch
Primary care physician appointments
Therapy appointments, if needed
Some medical specialty appointments
Transportation to and from home to the Day Center and medical appointments

Other Medical Services
Medical specialists
Prescription medications
Total medication monitoring
Lab tests/procedures
Medical supplies
Durable medical equipment
Outpatient services
Emergency care
Ambulance services
Surgical specialists
Mental health services
Over-the-counter medications
recommended by the interdisciplinary team

Inpatient Services
Hospital care
Nursing home care

There are times when it is simply not possible or feasible for seniors to age in place in their homes.  The Veenstra Team is ready and able to help determine the value of the senior’s home and provide assistance in selling the home.  We cheerfully work with the family members and adult children of our senior citizen clients as well.  Give The Veenstra Team  a call at 269-350-5514 for a free consultation.

Your Real Estate Senior Specialists,
David and Jason Veenstra,
Veenstra Team