Sign me up! I want to be the First to Know when a Leisure TImes Condo is For Sale

Image of senior woman on new computerWith the First to Know program of the Veenstra Team, you can get notified by email, (at the same time as REALTORS do) when a new Leisure Times Condo comes on the market.   In the past few years, these condos do not last too long on the market before they are sold.  The Veenstra Team will help you make sure that you have all the information needed to be able to take action IF the condo is one that you are interested in pursuing.  David Veenstra has the Senior Residential Specialist designation in real estate.  That means he has had extra training to better understand the needs of senior citizens.   There is NO FEE and NO OBLIGATION to be a part of the First to Know Program.  There are NO FEES to have the Veenstra Team represent your best interests and guide you in a step by step manner through the home purchase process.  We look forward to serving you!

 If you are also interested in Leisure Pointe Condos and would also like to be alerted if any Leisure Point Condos come on the market, CLICK HERE to also fill out this form.