How do I Know …if a Short Sale is a Good Option for my Home and/or Greater Kalamazoo Real Estate??

David Veenstra and Jason Veenstra, Kalamazoo REALTORS with Sold SignKalamazoo Short Sale and Real Estate Info – If you are wondering if a short sale is a good option for your property, the first piece of advice we have for you is to CALL US and let us help you answer these questions….The consultation is free and without obligation.  You will come away from the call with a much clearer idea of what is possible.

So here are the questions we will start with.

  • Can the house be sold for enough to pay off what you owe on it, pay the real estate commission, closing costs, taxes, and the other costs of sale?  ( We can provide this answer for you – there is NO charge for the consultation!Call the Veenstra Team and we will tell you how much money you could expect to earn from the sale of your home.  )
  • Do you have the means to solve the financial situation on your own?  Do you have money available in a bank account or equity in another property that you can use to catch up or pay off your mortgage(s)?
  • Has your temporary financial hardship been resolved?    (Note: A hardship is a very subjective concept.  Give the Veenstra Team a call and our team can help you determine this.)

If you answered yes to any of the above, you may NOT be a good Short Sale candidate BUT instead you might be able to get your home sold through a normal transaction!  A normal transaction is typically a good deal less complicated so give us a call and let’s get the process started to start alleviating your stress.

Now,  if you answer yes to the questions below,  it is more likely that you should consider a short sale.  Again,  our team can help you uncover the answers so call sooner, rather than later and avoid the stress.  Your phone call is held in strictest confidence.  There is no reason not to call.

  • Are you willing to move out of the house (after it is sold, don’t need to move right away)?
  • Have you attempted a loan modification or forbearance with your lender and were not successful?
  • Is any foreclosure sale more than 10 days away?
  • Do you owe more on the house than the house is worth in today’s market?
  • Does the house have more than one mortgage on it? Do you have a home equity loan?
  • Does the house need work?  Does it differ from the norm in a way that would make it difficult to sell?
  • Might the house be difficult to sell because of it’s location?
CALL THE VEENSTRA TEAM  at 269-350-5514 TODAY!  Or fill out the following form and we will get back to you soon!

Yes, I would like to learn more about an investor purchase or short sale.