Kalamazoo and Battle Creek Lead Economic Growth in the State

Kalamazoo – Portage MI – You may have believed that Ann Arbor on the east side and Grand Rapids on the west side of the State are the most prosperous and desirable metropolitan areas in Michigan.  But Kalamazoo-Portage and Battle Creek in the Southwest corner of Michigan outpaced Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids and all other metro areas in the state in economic growth over the past decade.

Bridge Magazine reported on exclusive, in-depth analysis of gross domestic product data and found that not only did Kalamazoo and Battle Creek lead 12 other metro areas, they were the only places in the state to boost output by at least 1 percent between 2001 and 2009. (2009 was the latest years for which data was available.) GDP is the total value of goods and services produced, measured in dollars.

This Bridge magazine’s analysis portrays a state fighting to regain its footing after an unprecedented decade-long slump. We are all aware of the challenges faced by Michigan.   What Bridge Magazine has done in its debut issue is to look beyond the anecdotes and into the data to study and report on exactly what happened in Michigan communities — and what the results mean for rebuilding a state economy that shrank by $27 billion in 10 years.  This report will be ongoing throughout September and the report will include a statewide analysis of growing and shrinking industries and detailed projections of the future statewide jobs picture.   Read the full article here…..

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