Can I sell my home after the “sheriff’s sale”?

“If my house was already sold at the sheriff’s sale, am I still able to sell it?”

Great question!

You have certain rights from the time your house is sold at the sheriff sale through the end of your redemption period. Your rights include the right to occupy the house, the right to purchase the house back by paying cash or getting a new mortgage, and the right to sell the house to pay off the mortgage.

Of course, the foreclosure happened because you have missed or made many late payments, so unless you have a ton of equity (40% or more), no one will give you a new mortgage because of the damaged credit. Coming up with that giant pile of cash to pay off the old mortgage in full is also unlikely. However, this still leaves you with the possible option of selling the house during the redemption period. If you owe more than what the house is worth (including all mortgages, not just the one that foreclosed) and you have endured some financial hardship which caused the problems, we may be able to help you with a short sale on your house.  Give us a call and we will explain all the details!   (Remember, there is not a fee for our short sale services.)

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