Cast Your Vote PLEASE! Help make a great outreach tool!

Hi family and friends…..

Some of you may know that I am in the final stages of developing a family info guide that will be launched in a couple months. The guide is a 6 X 6 inch, spiral bound book that covers all the basic family and emergency info that a parent needs to leave with a caregiver to ensure child safety AND to give the caregiver ideas and suggestions for age appropriate activities to encourage the caregiver to play with the children.

As it stands now, each community that desires to distribute guides will have their own local version. The costs for the guide will be paid by advertising sponsors from that community. The guide will likely be distributed via neighborhood churches interested in equipping members with a free tool/resource that helps the members to reach out and connect to friends and neighborhood young families. It will be a great “thanks for visiting” gift for the churches to offer to visiting families too.

The guide needs to appeal to parents of young families, their babysitters/caregivers and pre-teens who may be left home alone. We would like you to help us choose the design concept that you think will appeal best to that group.

Below you will see 6 different cover themes and a couple sample inside pages. The theme we end up choosing would be carried throughout the whole guide.

Please take 5 minutes and COMPLETE THE SHORT FORM WHICH IS BELOW THE SAMPLES to provide your feedback. Also provide any comments/advice that you think will help the guide be an effective tool for reaching and connecting to families.

Feel free to comment on style, color, feel, texture etc. ANYTHING! Please be honest! You will not hurt any feelings. We want to develop the best resource possible!  Remember,  the form for contributing your thoughts is BELOW the design samples.

And for those of you who are wondering what this has to do with real estate… The answer is nothing, except that I can easily post information like this on our real estate website!  🙂 Oh, and, by the way, this is all copy written material.

Thanks in advance!

Cindi Veenstra

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